Edited Volumes

Edited Volumes

2014. Perspectives on Social Inclusion and Exclusion in Nepal. Edited by Om Gurung, Mukta Singh Tamang and Mark Turin. Kathmandu: Central Department of Sociology / Anthropology, Research on SIA EP. Tribhuvan University. ISBN 978-9937-524-50-6. x + 240 pages.

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2013. After the Return: Special Issue of Museum Anthropology Review, 7 (1-2). Edited by Joshua Bell, Kimberly Christen and Mark Turin.
2013. Oral Literature in the Digital Age: Archiving Orality and Connecting with Communities. Edited by Mark Turin (series editor), Claire Wheeler and Eleanor Wilkinson. Cambridge: Oral Literature Series, Open Book Publishers. 190 pages. ISBN 9781909254305 & 9781909254312.
2011. Himalayan Languages and Linguistics: Studies in Phonology, Semantics, Morphology and Syntax. Edited by Mark Turin and Bettina Zeisler. Brill’s Tibetan Studies Library, 5. Brill: Leiden. 323 pages. ISBN 9789004194489 & 900419448 7. [cover] [flier]

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2010. Language Documentation and Description, Volume 8, Special issue: Oral Literature and Language Endangerment. Edited by Mark Turin and Imogen Gunn. London: Hans Rausing Endangered Languages Project, Department of Linguistics, School of Oriental and African Studies. 175 pages. ISBN 1740-6234.
2008. Gaiko Thangmi Kham : Kaksha Di (My Thangmi Language : Class One). Bir Bahadur Thami and Laxmi Basukala, edited by Mark Turin. Kathmandu: Educate the Children. Mother tongue primer for Thangmi-speaking children. 57 pages.

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2004. Kesar Lall: A Homage on the Occasion of his Buraa Janko. Edited by Corneille Jest, Tej Ratna Kansakar and Mark Turin. Kathmandu: Marina Paper. 104 pages. ISBN 9993389072.
2003. Themes in Himalayan Languages and Linguistics. Edited by Tej Ratna Kansakar and Mark Turin. Kathmandu: South Asia Institute (SAI) Heidelberg and Tribhuvan University. 293 + x pages. ISBN 9993354163.

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