Photo by Hikmat Khadka, August 2012

I am an anthropologist, linguist and broadcaster, Program Director of the Yale Himalaya Initiative and co-editor of Himalaya.

My research interests are language conservation, documentation and endangerment; cultural diversity and oral traditions. My research focus is the Himalayan region (particularly in Nepal, northern India and Bhutan), and increasingly the Pacific Northwest.

I work at Cambridge and Yale universities, where I direct two international research projects, Digital Himalaya and the World Oral Literature Project. I edit the Oral Literature Series with the Open Book Publishers. In 2013, I presented a three-part BBC radio series entitled Our Language in Your Hands, and am currently working on my next BBC project. I am one of three principal investigators on new a five-year collaborative research project supported by the Arcadia Fund to document Bhutan’s oral traditions.

I write about language policy, linguistic rights and mother tongue instruction. I also focus on issues of access and ownership of anthropological materials from ethnographic museums when they circulate online or are returned to communities in digital form. As a firm advocate of collaborative research, I am committed to widening public engagement with anthropology and linguistics.

Twitter: markturin